Friday, October 5, 2001

You're Boring Me!

For the first time in my life, my students are boring me so I know it's time to quit. Things have become so bad that I'm merely grading them on following directions. That's my goal this year. If I can get them to put their names on every paper and to follow directions for format, I will have taught them something.

And the parents are becoming crazier than ever. I called a mother today to talk about her son's poor behavior on Wednesday (I wasn't in school on Thursday) and her response was that I need to call the same day and she will not punish her son for something he did two days ago. I was silent, mostly because I was surprised and didn't know how to respond, and she thought we had lost connection.

Does this mean that if your child steals but isn't caught until a week later, s/he should not be punished? Does this mean that if you are raped and the rapist is caught next week, that he shouldn't be punished?

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