Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Teaching About Gun Safety

Legislation about teaching gun safety in the schools: Bill HB791 has passed both the Maryland house (98-33) and Senate (33-11). To find out more about this bill go to:

From MSTA about teaching gun safety in the schools:

(Casey Newton, our ActionLine editor)

The General Assembly did pass a bill that would require the teaching of gun safety from K to grade 12. Each County board would adapt the program to their own jurisdiction but the program must meet standards set by the Department of Education. The bill allows a single source to provide the curriculum, including the NRA's Eddie Eagle program, etc. MSTA has written to the governor to request his veto of the legislation. We object giving the NRA access to our students; such a program adds considerably to teachers' workload; and the part of the bill that allows schools to take their junior and senior high students to a firing range to learn the safe way to handle firearms, is in our opinion, ludicrous. The bill signing is not for another couple of weeks, so we'll see what he does. We hear he is inclined to veto it, but a letter to him from you and
others could help convince him.

(Diana Saquella)

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