Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Professional Truth

My daughter Lauren graduates Memorial Day weekend. I called in to take off a personal day on Friday, May 25 since she graduates 10 a.m. Saturday and we want to celebrate Friday night. (We have a telephone call-in system where you spend a long time navigating through one menu after another by pushing certain number on the telephone after the computer voice has droned on for too long.) I was reminded that it's against our contract agreement and I can't take a personal day the day before or the day after a holiday. I would have been docked pay for that day. So I called in and canceled. Then I called in sick for that day. The contract doesn't say anything about not taking a sick day then. When I was so sick in January (6 days) I was required to bring in a doctor's note because I had gone over three consecutive sick days. We're a long way from being treated like professionals.

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