Thursday, June 14, 2001

Don't Eat the Green Ones

Don't Eat the Green Ones ©

I'll tell you, speaking from experience

Life is like a bag of potato chips

Some are perfect and round

And they crunch just right

While others are green

All hard and nasty

They just don't taste the same


If you pick around them

And be careful what you eat

You'll find

That bag of potato chips

Really is all it's cracked up to be

Those green ones may make you sick

(That's a myth, I think)

If you listen to my advice

And keep it close at heart

You'll find if you pick and choose your chips

(And don't eat them in the dark)

Picking around those green ones

Won't be so hard

And the extra work will pay off in the long run

So be careful when eating potato chips

And don't eat the green ones

Tamara O’Connell

Note: My great Aunt Gleasie, before she died while in her 90's, gave me this poem she wrote on the day I was born, December 10, 1944.

Fifteen Days Before Christmas

"Twas fifteen days before Christmas on a Sabbath morn,

In the Norfolk General Hospital, a baby was born.

There were other babies too--ones I've never seen

But this one in particular is little Bonnie Jean.

She was tucked in her basket with the greatest of care

Without the slightest idea that Daddy was near.

He was--and Granddaddy too--

Awaiting news of a baby in blue.

Thirty hours he waited in great suspense,

Till the doctors thought he'd have no sense.

So he bit his nails and paced the floor,

When suddenly a nurse appeared in the door.

Said she, "Mr. Schupp, your wife presents you with a fine baby girl."

But she realized his head was still in a whirl

When he still imagined she had said a boy,

because like a sailor, he simply shouted, "Ship ahoy!"

Now that all is over, and Mother and baby are doing well,

Daddy feels much better too, as everyone could tell.

He is not disappointed, and confidentially I think,

He is perfectly satisfied with a little girl in pink.

Gleasie Leatherbury

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